The International Association of Microsoft Channel Partner held its 2019 Emea event in Madrid in Spain from May 19 to May 22. The IAMCP Emea has over 1200 members who are the ´crème de la crème´ of the Microsoft eco-system. Over 50% of IAMCP Emea members are Microsoft managed partners. We gathered 190 CxO´sbusiness leaders and Microsoft employees.  

Leitmotiv: Artificial Intelligence 

The theme of the event was Artificial Intelligence with a focus on the following objectives: 

  • A deep understanding of the Microsoft strategy and its execution via partners 
  • A hands-on framework for understanding and applying Artificial Intelligence in your business 
  • A great opportunity for cross EMEA partner to partner (P2P) networking with plenty of informal and formal opportunities for networking. 

Overall the event was a big success. Overall satisfaction of participants was very high as measured through the feedback that was provided via a survey to which more then 50% of respondents replied.  


The event would not have been possible with the great support of the whole Microsoft Corporate AI marketing team led by Mitra Azizirad who acted as platinum sponsors and key speakers. We would also like to thank the rest of our sponsors.  


The structure of the events was: Sunday afternoon and Monday morning internal IAMCP Emea event with the local chapter presidents and presence on Monday of Wim Delbeke, the Emea Microsoft OCP lead.  We then kicked off the Emea event Monday at 3 PM followed by dinner. We continued the emea event on Tuesday morning with presentations and then the whole Tuesday afternoon was dedicated to managed networking. We had over 208 structured networking meetings with over 25 Microsoft employees participating. On Tuesday evening we had a private visit to the Lazaro Galdiano museum, then dinner in the museum gardens and live music afterwards. The Wednesday morning was dedicated to local country sessions.  

The whole event was supported by a website and mobile app through which people could see and manage their schedules and networking meetings. We also used the build in AI capabilities of O365 with direct translation in powerpoint. Our speakers spoke in English, subtitles were shown on the screen in English and people could use their own devices to have the speaker text translated to any language supported by Microsoft translate. To liven things up between the sessions we use Kahoot to get the audience to provide live feedback.  


Some of the written feedback we got: 

  1.  It was great to have the networking time on Tuesday. In general, everything Well done. Congrats and good job. Thank you! 
  2. Perfectly arranged and hosted by IAMCP Thank you for making this event happen 
  3. Good website and preparation, great help from the onsite team 
  4. The best IAMCP event ever! 
  5. very happy with the central location, everything nearby 
  6. Very well-organized event. Great app with, liked the book meeting opportunity and the ability to communicate what to offer and what I was searching for. 


Tools and agenda 

 The full agenda of the event can be found here: https://2019-iamcp-emea-event.b2match.io/my/agenda 



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